Be a part of creating more OPPORTUNITIES
for economic advancement of DIVERSE businesses


IGNITE provides a platform for diversity-owned farmers and ranchers to exhibit their products and services to the supplier diversity professionals seeking their services. We are providing training (in conjunction with the WBENC General Mills Outreach & Development Program for Women Growers and Farmers) and opportunities for suppliers while also helping procurement professionals meet their supplier diversity goals.

Areas of focus:

  • Cultural diversity

  • Racial diversity

  • Gender diversity

  • Sexual orientation

  • Disability



November 12th, 2020

(A free webinar offered in partnership with the WBENC General Mills Outreach & Development Program for Women Growers and Farmers)

Supplier participants will receive content on:

  • Why General Mills and other large corporations care about supplier diversity

  • The benefits of being certified as a diverse owner as told by successful companies

  • Demystifying the certification process

November 23rd, 2020

Supplier participants will receive training on:

  • Creating a winning elevator pitch

  • Tips on presenting professionally via Zoom presentations and meetings.

December 1st, 2020

  • Suppliers and corporations will both join for:

  • Supplier showcase where each producer will deliver their pitch

  • Event sponsors will host roundtable discussions explaining how to approach working and communicating with corporate buyers.

December 2nd, 2020

Corporations will have one on one meetings with suppliers they have chosen.

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Save yourself from cold calling, and travel expenses

Diversity-owned businesses can showcase their products and services directly to some of the largest multinational companies in the world, such as Barilla, PepsiCo, and Cargill. 



Achieve your company's supplier diversity goals

Supplier diversity professionals come to connect with businesses that offer the products and services they need while proactively demonstrating support for businesses owned by diverse individuals.



Step up to support supplier diversity in the food & ag sector

Become a sponsor and raise awareness of the programs and opportunities your team offers to diversity-owned businesses. Sponsor packages include the opportunity to invite your diversity-owned vendors to exhibit at IGNITE and attend the WIA Summit.



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